What a day!! Whilst we were confident that it would be a success, our expectations were greatly exceeded. We made a magnificent profit of £616 after all expenses. The Scouts made a further £98 from tombola for their own funds.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in someway, or who supported the event by bringing friends and family or simply tending their plots and talking to visitors. Thanks also to Billesley Lane allotments who were so generous in lending us so much equipment including chairs, tables, tressles, and hot water urn.

Congratulations to Ken Hislop for winning the Scarecrow competition and to Marion Brennan and Ray Smith who were winners of the two main raffle prizes.

The organising committee has recently met to discuss the day and believe we can do as well if not better next year!

However, we still have a way to go this year and our next event is the Harvest Home Picnic scheduled for Sunday 4th September, from 12.00. Please join us and bring friends and family and food and drink to share amongst everyone.